Trinity One has now run its cycle on the RMR jazz chart leaving after a solid twelve weeks, mostly in the single digit range, peaking at #3 during the March 2017 reporting period.  It also placed well on the 2017 yearly chart for RMR jazz...   resting at #43/200.   Am very pleased at its reception.  Many thanks to Kari Gaffney and Jeff Williams of Kari-on Productions for their superb publicity efforts!  S.D.G.


Progress is being made on a few different fronts as to new music releases.  In the works is an ambient project similar to "Lucid Dreaming" in stylistic concept.  I've noticed the "Lucid Dreaming" project has received a larger than expected response from download sites such as Spotify and Apple Music.  People need chill music!  A few new jazz singles, some previously recorded but never released will be posted on this website in the coming months. There are also plans for a solo piano project.  Keep your ears tuned and thanks for listening!