"PEACE FOR YOU" - a song for Hurricane Florence - one Harbor MUSIC

Produced and recorded by Chris Pruett for One Harbor Church, a network of churches in eastern North Carolina in response to the extreme flooding of the area by Hurricane Florence.  Many members of this church were directly affected by the storm.   The song was recorded literally as the hurricane was raining right over our heads here in the mountains.  It was an amazingly creative Sunday at Balsam Pillow Studio as this song went from concept, production and on-line release in less than 48 hours.   Featuring Ryan Marshall on vocals and Phillip Davis on piano and keyboards, this is a song created to encourage and inspire those suffering from of the effects of this epic storm.

RECording news

Pianist/composer Renee Allsbrook was in to begin recording on her latest CD called "Daughters and Sons".

A demo for the Cabaletta String Trio is currently being completed for marketing and promotional purposes. 

Singer/songwriter Chris Minick recorded, mixed and mastered his debut solo CD “A Place To Go”

Other outside projects include mastering a new CD for Winston Mukasa, a musician and recording artist based in Nairobi, Kenya.  A new single from this project has been released called "Safari"  and is now available on iTunes and Spotify.

I am also collaborating on a very special song called "As Within, So Without" by guitarist and composer Peter Trias.  Written many years ago, it is finally coming to completion at this time. 

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Progress is being made on a few different fronts as to new music releases.  In the works is an ambient project similar to "Lucid Dreaming" in stylistic concept.  I've noticed the "Lucid Dreaming" project has received a larger than expected response from download sites such as Spotify and Apple Music.  People want chill music!  A few new jazz singles, some previously recorded but never released will be posted on this website in the coming months. There are also plans for a solo piano project.  Keep your ears tuned and thanks for listening!


Trinity One has now run its cycle on the RMR jazz chart leaving after a solid twelve weeks, mostly in the single digit range, peaking at #3 during the March 2017 reporting period.  It also placed well on the 2017 yearly chart for RMR jazz...   resting at #43/200.   Am very pleased at its reception.  Many thanks to Kari Gaffney and Jeff Williams of Kari-on Productions for their superb publicity efforts!  S.D.G.