Welcome to the official website for ambient/jazz recording artist Ray Lyon, Balsam Pillow Studio and Burning Blue Records! 

We are all now living under the angst of a world wide viral pandemic.  Instead of letting fear or anxiety rule our hearts, let us take refuge in Psalm 91…  which is the creative and protective word of Yahweh, our Almighty Creator God.  Let us focus our thoughts on the reality of our Creator’s love and ultimate control over such events of nature as well as its effects upon our society.  

I would like to offer some of my music…  to listen, meditate upon and download at no cost to you!  “In The Secret Place” is from my first album Farewell To Shadowlands.   “There Is No Fear” is an ambient piece from Lucid Dreaming

Click on the play button below to listen.  Or click on the links of the song titles above.  Please share if you wish. 

May the God of Peace (El-Shalom) comfort you and keep you safe during these trying and unprecedented times!

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