Angels we have heard on high

Every year from 1990 - 1994, and also 1996, I was involved with recording Christmas music with musicians I often played with when I lived in S. Florida.  We would gather in early December for a few days in the studio and record non-stop until we dropped and then finally (gasp) finished… a four or five song set that we had duplicated on to cassette.  In that era, everyone had a cassette player… duplicating CD’s was out of the question due to cost.  We sent the cassette as Christmas gifts to friends and family, and since Christmas is timeless for us all, the music continues on today even after nearly 30 years! 

This arrangement of “Angels We Have Heard On High” was recorded in December 1992 at Balsam Pillow Studio, Boca Raton, FL with Wendy Pedersen (vox), Jeff Quay (drums, percussion), Nicky Orta (bass), and myself on keys, pulling my hair out arranging, engineering, mixing and mastering.  The goofy piano intro is not me (I could not possibly play like that), it's a demo song included with the Roland FP-8 keyboard I was using at the time, processed through what was described to me as an “equimetric paralyzer”.  A musical farce juxtaposed right next to the rather serious-in-nature material that follow.  We did some strange things back then.  Some people didn't like it.  The news is that the intro can easily be edited out!

I love the soaring quality of Wendy’s vocal.  Jeff left large pieces of his derriere on the drum throne.  Nicky was the groove.  The lead solo sound was a tweaked fretless bass patch from the now ancient (but not yet fossilized) Korg M1r, a rack mounted version of the Korg M1 keyboard that was popular at the time. (for all the gear geeks out there)

We had great fun and inspiration creating and sharing this music and many lasting memories and friendships were made.  We are looking to do a reunion project next year (2020)! 

In the meantime, please listen and/or download a copy for free! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Maranatha to one and all!