BAlsam Pillow Studio

Designed by Steven Durr of Steven Durr Designs, LLC (Nashville, TN) Balsam Pillow Studio is a 1700 sq. foot two story facility which features a spaciously tuned control room with Argosy keyboard/Pro Tools workstation, piano isolation room, and studio with gorgeous mountain views. Skylights allow for natural lighting into the studio.

Sight lines between all the recording rooms has been a priority in the studio's design so as to enable visual contact between the performers. Special attention was given to the HVAC, lighting, and electrical designs, with balanced isolated ground AC power for all technical spaces. The recording rooms are tuned with custom acoustical panels, bass traps and RPG QRD diffusors. Downstairs features a full bath, lounge, kitchen, along with wireless internet access.

Coming on line in 2005, equipment remains state of the art which includes the latest Avid Pro Tools HDX DAW, Pro Tools software, Revive Audio modded Avid 192 I/O interface, Avid Control|8 mixing surface, Hearback 600 user-mixable cue system, Petrof 7' 9" grand piano, Genelec monitors, as well as a host of high quality microphones (AKG, Neumann, Shure), preamps (Avalon, True Precision, Focusrite), VI soft synths (Spectrasonics, NI Instruments Kontakt, Toontrack SD3, AIR Instruments), and one too many DSP plug-ins.

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Balsam Pillow Studio

View from front door not in July or August

A view with a studio...