Figures Of The True

Ray Lyon

A powerful collection of contemporary instrumental jazz compositions which combine exquisite textures and grooves, soaring synth leads and burning piano solos into an exciting mix that is richly panoramic, evocative, and inspiring.

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Ray's second project, Figures Of The True,  was released in June of 2000.   Joining Ray on this CD are guest appearances by bassist Jimmy Haslip (Yellowjackets), drummer Jonathan Joseph (Al  Jarreau, Pat Metheny, David Sanborn, Joe Zawinul), and Blue Man Group drummer/musician Jeff Quay among others.

The title, inspired by Christian writer and missionary Amy Carmichael, is a saying she coined in one of the many devotional books she has written. A "figure of the true" is something seen in the creation that reflects a spiritual truth. (see Hebrews 9:24) The project is a collection of songs designed to reflect a spiritual truth regarding life's experiences, the second coming of Christ, or the Divine Patterns behind the reality of all of creation. Accompanied by selected writings both by Ray, other authors, and bible passages, some of these themes include suffering, peace, searching, and joy. 


"Figures of the True" really hypnotized me.... He's got stories to tell and he tells them very well... Even though Lyon's sound is different, his ability to tell tales without words reminds me of the best Metheny/Mays compositions... Each of these pieces have their own rich, colorful sound. You can't help but be pulled in." 

~ John Hildebrand, 

"...transmits silence, optimism and inner solidity... for those who are complaining of the uniformity of modern Smooth Jazz, Ray Lyon's "Figures Of The True" is a real alternative..." 

~ Hans-Bernd Huelsmann, 

"Ray's music soars with energy... some of the best instrumental jazz we've ever heard." 

~ Keith Mohr, 

"... a very skillful pianist that will take you on a journey that only the most talented of musicians can do... " 

~ Steve Cass,