Released in 2007, Beginning To See expands the palette of contemporary jazz styles found on Ray's earlier works with a diverse and eclectic mix of instrumental and, now, for the first time, vocal music. Infused with a radiant, airy sound, the project ranges from funk to straight ahead jazz to tone poem and beyond. Vocalist Rick Krive gives outstanding performances on adapted lyrics penned by the Anglican devotional writer Evelyn Underhill and Scottish poet George MacDonald. Many of the songs are solo instrumental pieces featuring Ray playing and sequencing all the instruments. Joining Ray are guest appearances by saxophonist Ed Maina, and drummers Jonathan Joseph, Jonathan C. Genck and Mark Griffith.  This is contemporary jazz that will get you thinking and searching.


"Beginning To See" is without question a gem of a recording as Ray Lyon pens exciting new compositions and delivers a first-rate recording with a monster performance on the instruments. Whether it’s smooth jazz you favor or plain straight ahead jazz, this album is bound to make an impression."

"...the album is absolutely perfect... what a virtuosity and mastership in piano performance... unforgettable and ingenious... Ray sets his own milestone in contemporary jazz."

Hans-Bernd Hulsmann,

"Ray’s music is absolutely incredible... some of the most wonderful and beautiful music I’ve ever heard... soulful and heartfelt, this is an amazing collection of songs..." 

Jimmy Haslip, producer/musician/composer