Trinity One

Ray Lyon

Trinity One represents an intelligently diverse melodic approach to modern jazz that is highly listenable, yet complex in beauty and execution of musical ideas. The songs convey a depth of storytelling that inform the expansion of the contemporary jazz genre as well as expressing the inner emotions and spiritual underpinnings that have always driven Ray's music. Featuring Jimmy Haslip and Bill Berg.

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Trinity One is uplifting music with soaring lyricism, strong emotional expression, melodic and harmonic engagement, well executed story telling solos, varying and subtle rhythmic complexities that fold seamlessly with Haslip's signature bass playing and Berg's impeccably refined drumming.  From a blazing synth solo ("Ezekiel's Wheels"), to quiet piano ruminations ("In The Day of Small Things"), a humorous and rhythmically farcical waltz called "/4 Odd Dance" aside a spacious ballad ("Don't Let Me Fall"), many sonorous and beautiful moments flow from this ground breaking project that helps redefine the boundaries of smooth and straight ahead jazz.


"Trinity One is contemporary jazz music with Ray Lyon's personal note. The brightness of his sonic perfection is only surpassed by his outstanding creativity as passionate and ardent composer."

~ Hans-Bernd Hulsman,

“...a suite for jazz trio inspired by various Bible verses and the result is melodically skew yet mysteriously coherent. You have no idea where these tunes are going, but when they get there it all seems to have made sense."

~ Hobart Taylor, KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, CA

"...the music always has direction and stays rooted in music written in the fires of idiomatic fusion, extending from Chopin to Zawinul and in Hancock as well as Cecil Taylor. No matter what the music aligns itself with in terms of style, it is always uniquely Ray Lyon in tone and manner."

~ Raul de Gama, The Jazz Word

"If Pat Metheny played piano instead of guitar, he might sound like this."

~ Mike Greenblatt, The Aquarian Weekly

"Once upon a time there was a category of music termed “Modern Contemporary Music” which was more sophisticated than rock and soul, but not as self-indulgent as a lot of modern jazz. Keyboardist Ray Lyon taps into that root along with masters Jimmy Haslip/b and Bill Berg/dr for some swinging tunes with biblical themes. Don’t let that thought scare you, as the prophets and apostles knew a bit about “soul” music..."

~ George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

"Trinity One is presented by 3 veteran fusion players, that happen to also be long-time friends, it is in this chemistry the music is elevated to a higher level of consciousness, which benefit the listener's experience. There is a distinctly spiritual theme to the record, and one that edifies the ear and soul with an uplifted experience."

~ Geannine Reid,

Bill Berg, Ray Lyon, and Jimmy Haslip

Bill Berg, Ray Lyon, and Jimmy Haslip